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3 Steps to make Online Classes look simple for both the kids and parents

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3 Steps to make Online Classes look simple for both the kids and parents

Make online class easy for kids


I would give a tagline called ” black magic” for the pandemic we were never prepared for. The emergence of this situation acquired the capability of everyone’s survival. From a parent’s perspective, the dilemma is tough and from the children’s perspective, the situation is clueless. This hardship displayed several destructions, one of which was education.

The closure of schools with a mere notice left everyone in confusion. The holidays were extended from days to months, later on from months to years now. This specific consequence from the crisis disrupted the entire education hierarchy. As the schools were closed and classes were made in to online classes, the school administration and the parents were put into enormous complications.

The control over kids was falling out of the boat, as kids were merely forgetting their daily routines and everything turned upside down. The virtual classes helped out in this situation, but the parents felt it was hard to make their kids sit for online classes. Indeed the kids were equally bored sitting in front of the screen. This made the parents wonder whether the virtual classes benefit!

Is virtual classes a boon?

The virtual classes were the only choice when the government was investigating for children’s betterment and safety during the pandemic. They found this could work out in the case of teachers meeting children online once a day. But the introspection here is, there is a huge difference between the kids reacting to the online classes versus the grown-ups. 

The children above 10-12 years old are aware of the pattern of online classes and their Importance, but the kids from kindergarten level are oblivious. So the point that is being intensified here is that online classes suit kids. This is the age in which they get curious to loiter and admire the outer world but at the same time, it seems easy for them to get adapted to digital resources.

Though the majority of child care is taken care of by the school management and teachers, a part of that is left in the hands of parents on account of this unavoidable situation. 

Although online classes are not equivalent to the traditional classes, it has its advantages. They are

a. Flexibility.

When we speak about flexibility, there are so many things to consider. One of which is taking classes from anywhere. No matter where you and your kids are residing, if you have good internet access you can attain the classes without missing any of them.

b. Safety for kids. 

The situation we all are going through threatens life. The kids must be kept very safe from the happenings, so the online classes have been a great source to avoid going out for classes and helps a lot with social distancing. 

c. Attaining school privileges despite the pandemic. 

Imagine your kids not being able to get an education due to the crisis. The imagination itself is terrifying, right? These originating internet sources let your kid meet his/her teacher and classmates every day. 

3 simple steps to make virtual classes look simple!

Step 1. Routines

How well a good daily routine can reflect in your kid’s behaviour? Well, the changes it holds are immense. They all get to act independently irrespective of their ages, are smart in their studies and get to follow some good manners. A good routine not only Includes eating, sleeping and playing, but it also involves learning new activities every day.

There are a set of routines that are suggested to follow to make kids sit for online sessions.

-Start from the schedule. 

Instruct them about the schedule and let them be ready before the class starts. Their eating habits, playing habits, sleeping habits should be on a proper schedule. This habit will surely help them as a mind map also helps them to learn to be prepared for their tasks. 

-Negotiate with the kids. 

Negotiations work like magic in terms of kids. The young parents deal with the difficulties of making their kids sit in online classes focused. To help with this task, the idea of negotiation can help. Tell your kids that you’ll take them to their favourite spot / or buy them their favourite toy, a snack if they complete the online session properly. 

This will take them to a proper schedule

-To do one activity a day. 

Plan and assign them a task every day. This can be planned using the daily lessons they are learning in the online session. When the learning gets fun, the possibility of kids getting attracted to lessons will be high. 

 Step 2. Health and wellbeing

Maintaining a good level of health and wellbeing can support your kids’ healthy growth and development. Physical health and mental health are equally important for everyone. There are some aspects to be considered to main health and well-being, they are,

Physical activities 

In terms of kids, it can be maintained well by performing physical activities like running, squats, cycling and jumping. It is also advised to practice yoga every day, as they are very flexible in their early childhood.

Avoid letting them depend too much on electronic gadgets. This may surely distract them During their online sessions. Let them be physically active. play with them or make them play actively.

Healthy foods 

There is a famous saying, “you are what you eat”. Including healthy items like greens, sprouts and veggies in their meals can provide them with the required proteins and vitamins.

Make sure that you are aware of what you Feed your kids. Every intake must contain some nutrition which will keep them brisk and smart. 

-Sleep and wake up early. 

There comes a situation now with WFH parents, where the kid sleeps late at night along with their parents. This practice is not good, it will make the kids lazy and inattentive. Instead, fix a time to sleep and wake up early.

Step 3. learning & education.

     As the learnings are virtual now, make the process more interesting and engaging. Make use of learning and activities kits available in the market. Kits like numbers, shapes and colours are very appealing and it has the power to turn the learning into fun. Alongside help the kids in the following tasks and be there for them.

-Help them with scheduling their homework.

Though kids get only a minimal amount of homework, you have to guide them while doing it, at least spend a minimum time of 10-15 minutes. Find out where they lack and rectify them.

-Spend ideal time with them. 

Ask them about the happenings in the online sessions every day. Get to know about their friend’s, daily tasks and interesting things that happened during the day. 


Appreciation makes wonders. keep appreciating your kid for every little way they progress. Pat on their back, give a round of applause to encourage them.

To conclude

The entire dilemma is getting tough and rough. But it doesn’t mean to show all the work pressure and other waves of anger on these kids. The responsibility is yours now, plan things and nurture accordingly. 

 Although the juniors can get back to their school to learn and enjoy in every possible way. The online classes are likely to continue even when the crisis impact reaches the below level because the entire world is getting adopted to digital setups, hence online classes can be the future educational structure. 

these simple routines can help your kid to stay in education as well as in their virtual classes. 

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