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How to participate?

  • Register in the below link. You will be sent an email.
  • No Entry Fee / No Registration Fee

When & where? 

  • Draw from the comforts of your home with no time constraints,
  • Take a clear picture of the drawing
  • Take a picture of your kid along with the drawing
  • Attach both the pictures and mail them to us on or before 05:00 pm 16/01/2022

What to use?

  • Kids can use only, Crayons, Colour pencils, Watercolours and an A4 sheet

How can I be the winner?

Winners will be judged based on the following

  1. Vividness
  2. Creativity

How should I collect my winner gift?

  • The winner gets Rs 1000 worth of Amazon Gift E-Voucher through email or Whatsapp.
  • Runner up gets Rs 500 worth Amazon Gift E-Voucher through email or WhatsApp.
  • Gift Voucher of Rs 300 for the Next 5 amazing Drawings through email or Whatsapp. 
  • Participation certificate for all the little participants. 
  • Winners will be announced in our Facebook / Instagram page. Kindly follow us  

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