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The privacy policy comes in the form of an electronic contract. It is basically an electronic form of record. This electronic contract was formed under the Information Technology Act, which was passed in the year 2000. The rules that have been constructed under this act and that have been successfully passed, related to such situations concerning the electronic records or documents from various situations are amended by the Informative Technology Act, 2000. The privacy policy does not require any physical well as a digital or electronic form of signature on it.  

The above document of privacy policy has been published. The document has been construed in obedience to the mentioned arrangements of the rules set by the Information Technology, 2011. The arrangements would include exercising apt and reasonable security measures along with necessary procedures and secure any mode of personal data that might be regarded as a sensitive piece of information.  The mentioned rules come under the Information Technology Act, 2000. These rules and acts demand the publishing of the privacy policy for purposes like the collection of personal sensitive data, using this information, storage, and proper transfer of such sensitive content. 

For those of you who are new to such agreements and have recently become aware of the existence of such terms, a privacy policy is a document that legally binds you to the Vivid Oranges (all the necessary terms are defined below). The mentioned terms of the privacy policy will be immediately brought to existence and effectiveness as soon as you accept them. The acceptance of the terms of this policy could be conducted directly or in an indirect manner through electronic mode, which requires a person to click on the ‘I accept’ option. Other services or means and forms are also available. Thereafter, the policy safely administers your relationship with the Vivid Oranges. It provides immense support to you by securing the services, governs the usage of these services, and overall look after your personal data. Some other services have been defined below.

We request you to go through the Privacy Policy thoroughly. please read this privacy policy carefully. You would be indicating that you completely understand, agree to the conditions, and give proper sanction to the privacy policy by using given services or through your mobile application, or even through other modes of services. by using the services, mobile application, or other services. By any chance, if you do not agree with a term or a few terms of the privacy policy, we advise you NOT to use their services. You would hence be asked to provide your unreserved permission or accordance to Vivid Oranges as dictated in section 43a as well as in section 72a of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

You have to understand that by giving us your data or information and by thoroughly using the facilities given by the services, or the mobile application or any other mode of services, you are giving approval to the proper collection of the date, storage of them, processing and transferring of every bit of your personal as well as non-personal information by Vivid Oranges, as it has been provided in this privacy policy. You are further agreeing to the fact that possession and securing of such sensitive personal or non-personal data does not cause any potential scale loss or gain in a wrong manner, either to you or to any other person concerned. 

We at Vivid Oranges are concerned about the privacy of the personal or non-personal, sensitive data of your users so that you can enjoy the services directly through the Vivid Oranges services, or from other mobile applications or other sites that provide these services. 

As we have already mentioned that the privacy policy is a contract that legally binds you with Vivid-Oranges, we advise that the given privacy policy should be read together, keeping in mind certain terms that are important or other terms that should be considered along with understanding the conditions of the Vivid Oranges.

The mentioned privacy policy has been designed to let you know about our practices regarding the collection, usage, and disclosure of your sensitive data or information given by you through this service. Please feel free to re-read the entire privacy policy as many times as you want to before using the facilities or providing information via the service. This would also benefit your complete understanding of what you give and what you get through the services. 

Privacy Policy Important Portions to be covered

Collection and Storage of Data/Information

1.1. The information, that consists of relevant data are usually provided by you (the customers) to Vivid Oranges, or Vivid Oranges may directly collect them from you. This information or data may consist of non-personal or personal sensitive information.  

1.2. What is Personal Information? Personal information is any piece of collected data that could be used to identify a person or even contact them personally. This type of information collected for the mentioned privacy policy would of course include details like the concerned person’s name, address, contact number, e-mail id, or other relevant information like their company name, etc. However, it is vital that we mention that personal information would not be limited to such fields. The other categories of personal information could include details regarding your past transactions on the services, the internet protocol address, or the person’s other financial information which help them understand if they could be applied for making purchases on Vivid Oranges. There are other sectors of a sensitive piece of personal information that could be asked for. These personal information terms have been defined properly by the Information Technology rules, 2011 which were implemented under the famous Information Technology Act, 2000, which also bears the identification code of your unique communication device which you would use to access the services. It could also be used to access any other piece of information that you had earlier provide during the registration procedure, if at all any, via the services.

1.3. Such kinds of personal information may be collected in several ways like collecting information during the registration, where you register as a new user who wishes to avail the services, or even while registering as a merchant on the          Vivid Oranges services. It could also happen while availing of certain packages offered by the services. They would include the customer participating in an online survey or a personality quiz or a general contest or even giving few user reviews or other sorts of activities that might require your personal information. These, however, are not the only means to collect personal information on the services.

1.4. Other ways of collecting personal information could be deriving the personal data from another third-party source like your social media accounts or pages, or other sites and applications you are partners with and avail sources from. If and when you access our services through any of your social media accounts, sites or connect the services to your social media site, we will collect certain personal information about you from the connected services or accounts or sites. The information could range from your social media user name to any other information that could be accessed from the posts you give or the content you share on the services, like your profile picture, or friends from the friends’ list, or even through your email address. The places that you have been to also get shared as your personal data with us through your social media service. You should understand here that whenever you access our services through one of your social media services or even when you connect our services to other social media sites, you are directly giving Vivid Oranges the authority for the collection, storage, using, and retaining of such personal content and data comparatively with the privacy policy.

1.5. Vivid Oranges can also collect other non-personal information from you via the services. It could be during the time you visit or use our services. Such type of information is usually stored in server logs. The non-personal type information may include the customer’s geographic location, their telecom or internet service provider details, or the type of browser they use, like Google, or Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. They would also derive information like the operating system of the given system, or the device, even the services that were lasted visited by them, before visiting this service. It takes in information like the duration of their stay on the particular service along with other unimportant details like the date and time of their access. However, the ways of getting such non-personal information are not limited to the above-mentioned ones. 

1.6. The non-personal information is collected through other ways like using cookies. Vivid Oranges or any other service might store few temporary or permanent “cookies” on the concerned desktop. Once you come across them, you are free to either erase or block those cookies from the computer. Additionally, you could also configure the browser of your computer and make them alert you as soon as the services try to send you a cookie with an option to either accept or refuse it. In this case, if you have already turned off the cookies, you might not be let to use certain features from the services.

1.7. It is vital to note that both personal and non-personal information could be treated in different ways as per our privacy policy.

1.8. Therefore, you are to represent to the Vivid Oranges that:

Any piece of information provided by you now and then is and should be authentic, current, updated, and correct in every way. You will have to agree upon the fact that you have the rights, every permission, and consent that is required to give such personal or non-personal information to Vivid Oranges. You will be providing the information to Vivid Oranges and we, in turn, promise proper storage, collection of the data, usage of them where necessary, transferring, accessing, and processing of the same. We assure you that we shall not violate our rules for any third-party agreement, any laws or judgments, orders, charter documents, or decrees.

1.9. Vivid Oranges along with its officers, board of directors, desk of contractors, and agents shall not be held responsible for the authenticity of any part of personal or non-personal information provided by you or any other customer to us at Vivid Oranges. You should compensate and declare Vivid Oranges harmless along with our group of officers, directors, contractors, and agents as well as any other third party involved, who had trusted your information in case you are in breach of the concerning privacy policy which includes this provision plus the adjacently prior provision mentioned above.

1.10. The information you provide will initially be stored in an electronic form. Having said this, it is important to note that certain information, if needed, can be stored in its physical form. We may store your data, collect them, process and use that data in other countries as well, not just the Republic of India. This condition comes in adherence to the applicable laws. We at Vivid oranges shall enter into official agreements with the third parties (third parties here are considered as associations or individuals who don’t belong in India) to store and process your personal or non-personal data. The concerned third parties could own separate security measures and levels that would be used to provide utmost safety of your information and it is we who ask these third parties to take necessary security measures to safeguard your precious data on a commercial and reasonable basis. 

Purpose for Collecting Data

Let’s see the purpose for collecting the data, using them, storing and processing the piece of information.

Vivid Oranges are responsible for collecting information, using the data where required, storing and processing that information for other necessary purposes that are acceptable by the stated laws. These include situations where the allowable law permits for such collection of data, usage, storage, and processing them accordingly with full consent of the user. These laws should include the following statements:

2.1. Facilitation of your usage of the services properly; 

2.2. responding to your inquiries in no time along with fulfilling our customers’ requests for getting information on several other tabs or sections that are offered by the services;

2.3. Providing the huge customer base with information regarding their inquiry about the sub-services provided by our services. This would accompany them sending the information through different modes like email, texts, etc. They would also be responsible be enough to send other necessary information and materials about certain transactions, or alerts, promotions, updates, or certain offers that they would like to avail. 

2.4. It would include sending or informing the active members of the services about any changes that are to be brought within the services. This would mean informing them about certain changes to be made in the terms and conditions section, or changes in user agreements, even in policies along with other administrative information within the services.

2.5. The members of the Vivid Oranges would send you routine surveys and newsletters that would have statistics and graphs about the users. Features like the traffic patterns or the marketing communications will help them grow stronger and the customers will believe more in this service as compared to other services.

2.6. Personalizing your experiences on the service by introducing personalized advertisements shall also be included. The services would also furnish offers according to each customer’s preferences,

2.7. The services also come in handy in helping you address your problems occurring with the services; that would include addressing several technical problems, new ones occurring very rarely though.

2.8. We see to it that we got your back in case you want to engage in other services from our services, and to complete the entire procedure of the same.

2.9. The services also make sure that the integrity of each customer is protected and it ensures safety through the better administering of the given services; 

2.10. Conducting series of internal reviews and successfully analyzing the data for the services is also taken care of; 

2.11. To the third parties that are selected by Vivid Oranges as a part of collecting information and getting anonymized statistics about their users, the traffic patterns, etc. of the Vivid Oranges services;

2.12. Conducting surveys, some academic research, unique types of analytical studies on several sectors, that include the behavior of the users, their list of preferences, etc.; 

2.13. Responding to certain matters is also important. The matters could be judicial, or legal, or even quasi-judicial matters. This leads to providing information to the law enforcement agencies or connects with an investigation team on such matters of public safety following the law; 

2.14 Implementing practices regarding keeping all information secure

2.15. Determining the security breaches, some computer contaminants, or even viruses in the computer; 

2.16. Investigating, preventing, and when needed, take action against the practicing of illegal activities and reporting the suspected fraud, 

2.17. Undertaking and studying the forensics of the computer resources as a part of the investigation; 

2.18. Processing any job application that you might wish to submit; 

2.19. They should be able to trace the concerned computer resources or any other person who might have violated, or someone who has been suspected or is likely to violate, any term and rule of the law that comes under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and it is more likely to have an adverse consequence on the services provided by Vivid Oranges or on any other services concerned; and 

2.20. it should also help a potential buyer or an investor to analyze and evaluate the business asset of the Vivid Oranges. 

Hereby, you agree and acknowledge that the information that has been collected is meant for lawful activities that are connected with a function of Vivid Oranges or any other person, and the activities need to take place.

Sharing and Disclosure of given information

3.1 You should unconditionally permit the Vivid Oranges to transfer, share, or disclose any of the information, within as well as outside the Republic of India to a third-party authority, services, etc for their purposes, even for the applicable law. 

3.2. You agree that under certain applicable laws, it is permittable that when Vivid Oranges decides to transfer any part of your personal or non-personal information to any other party residing inside or outside your country, Vivid Oranges can place contractual obligations on the said transferee to oblige the transferee to stick to the privacy policy. 

3.3. Vivid Oranges should be allowed to share their statistical data along with other bits of your information without your official consent, every time they need to facilitate some programs or initiatives taken by Vivid Oranges themselves. 

3.4 Sharing your data for investigation or taking action on illegal activities, suspected of being involved in situations that pose potential threats to the safety of any other person is always permitted. It would be also shared for violating any of our terms and conditions. 

3.5. The right to disclose any bit of your personal information is with us. We provide them if and when required for exercising our legal rights, or under certain legal obligations. Disclosing of data is done adhering to the law. 

3.6. you further agree that such disclosure, sharing, and transfer of your personal information and non-personal information shall not cause any wrongful loss to you or any third party, or any wrongful gain to us or any third party. 

3.7. If we plan to merge with a new business entity or an organization, we would have to share or sell a part or whole of your personal information with them. Under such circumstances, the other business entity would follow our privacy policy while dealing with your data to build a combined entity.

Links of other services

4.1. Our services sometimes provide links to other sites. The links are for your convenience but us providing the links doesn’t mean that they are created by us. Since these sites have their separate privacy policies, we advise you to read and decide what information you would like them to know. In no way do we guarantee the security of your information or the content they post. 

4.2. We have few features that third parties could host. In that case, your interaction with those features will be according to the third party’s privacy policy. 

4.3. We are not responsible for any damage, loss, or claim caused due to your accessing of the third-party sites or features.


5.1. We aim to secure the integrity of your information and to protect the information from being accessed in an unauthorized manner or disclosure and destruction of the information. To prevent such cases, we have adopted severe measures.

 5.2. We solely reserve the right to conduct a quick security review that helps us verify your identity. You should agree to furnish us with the information needed for the security review. Upon failing to provide the information, we have the right to terminate your account and forbid you to access our services.

 5.3. We are not responsible for violating the security or for actions taken by the third parties that have access to your personal data. 

5.4. It’s important to note that logos, trademarks, as well as service marks that are displayed on the services are Vivid Oranges’s property. You shall not be allowed to use these marks without the consent of Vivid Oranges or any other third party concerned.

 5.5. We don’t hold on to any information about this policy or somewhere else. Hence, we are not responsible for the loss or damage of any part of your personal information. The same goes for misusing your data. If such unfortunate situations arise, it is due to a force majeure event (below is the definition of the term). “Force majeure event” indicates an event which is out of our reasonable control and would include, unbounded sabotage, flood, fire, acts of God or the Government, or civil commotion, riots, strikes, or some kind of industrial action of, insurrection, or any sort of unauthorized access to the computer information and storage device, breaching of security and encryption, etc.

Choice or Opt-out

Here, you agree that you are providing the data willingly. You would be given an option to not permit Vivid Oranges to access and store your personal and non-personal information. You could also withdraw your consent to provide the information to us by sending an official email to the grievance officer or other electronic addresses, as would be specified.

Updating the privacy policy

Vivid Oranges might improve the privacy data and upgrade the terms of the privacy policy as and when required. The same shall happen to other services. But we remain committed to protect your information and secure the privacy of the users. We would advise you to check the privacy policy and keep yourself updated time-to-time. 

Grievance officer

In fulfillment of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and adhering to the rules made under it, we have provided the contact details of the grievance officer below:


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